REX review by Andrea Acosta (in collaboration with rexalpha)

They say that these are times of dragons (as if HBO did not know), however, today I’m not here to talk to you about such […]

Reseña Choker Azul By Andrea Acosta (con la colaboración de Shiri Zinn)

Por norma general, primero suelo presentaros el producto y, si lo merece, hacerle una entrada triunfal y añadirle fanfarria, pero esta vez, oh, esta vez […]

Blue Choker review by Andrea Acosta (in collaboration with Shiri Zinn)

Generally speaking, I tend to introduce you to the product, device, service… and make a presentation if worth it. But this time, this time, I’ll […]

Satisfyer Pro 3 + By Andrea Acosta (Con la colaboración de EroticFeel)

  ¡Chanchánchan chan cha chan! aa La Marcha Imperial suena en honor al Caballero que se aproxima raudo desde el Lado Oscuro de la Fuerza […]

Baby pink Swarovski Glass Dildo review By Andea Acosta (In collab. with Shiri Zinn)

Crystalline daydreams speckled with shimmering little sparkles clouded my mind as soon as I opened the exquisite box signed by Shiri Zinn. aa Without ado, […]

i-Scream review By Andrea Acosta (Collaboration with Shiri Zinn)

If I were to choose just one reason for summer to stand out, it would certainly be: ice cream. It’s actually one of the few […]

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